Aged Shelf Companies

Texas Shelf Corporations

These are clean Texas aged shelf corporations that have never been used.

These companies have the franchise tax filed and paid until the next final due date.  The buyer is responsible for any filings that will come due after the purchase.

Franchise tax reports are due on May 15th of each year. There is a $50 penalty for a franchise tax report filed after the due date, even if no tax is due with that report and even if the taxpayer subsequently files the report.


Name Cost Inc. Date
American Investing Management, LLC $1,195.00 12/23
Valley Property Group, LLC $1,195.00 12/23
Unlimited Technology Solutions, LLC $1,195.00 12/23
International Equity Acquisitions, LLC $1,695.00 03/23
Premier Investing Ventures, Inc. $2,895.00 11/21
Global Capital Resources, Inc. $2,895.00 11/21
International Capital Holdings, Inc. $3,495.00 06/21