Why Wyoming LLC and Corporations

Why Incorporate in Wyoming

Wyoming LLC fees and other expenses are less than most other states. There are no Wyoming business license fees or officer filing fees. When you form a Wyoming LLC, we can deliver a quality company package for much less than you would pay in Nevada or Delaware. And, if you incorporate in Wyoming, your state renewal fee is, in most cases, $62. Click here to compare Delaware vs. Nevada vs. Wyoming LLC incorporations.

Wyoming is also one of the most cost-effective states to incorporate in. Call us at 1-307-632-3333 to go over your Wyoming company setup needs are or click here for pricing.

Wyoming Corporate Services shows you why you should form a Wyoming LLC or corporation.  We also provide aged-shelf companies, address services, mail forwarding, phone services, privacy services, nominee services, registered agent services, CPA packages, and attorney privacy packages.

Asset Protection

A Wyoming LLC formation or corporation offers its officers and directors the highest degree of protection from lawsuits filed by disgruntled creditors or overzealous plaintiff attorneys.  Doing business as a Wyoming Corporation or LLC can give you advantages like asset protection and business privacy.

The first LLC statutes in the United States were instituted in Wyoming in 1977 and changed in 2010, 2017, and 2020 to stay current with the times.  Since Wyoming has had limited liability companies available longer than any other state and has the strongest laws protecting members and managers of an LLC, we feel it is the state of choice for establishing LLC’s.


Wyoming does not require the manager nor the members of a Wyoming LLC to be listed on a public database.   Nevada requires a tax ID number of the company and a personal guarantee by you on the state’s business license.

Fast Wyoming Companies

For new Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC formation, we can have your certified documents filed, stamped, and returned to us by the state within 1 business day, after you place your order!   Just check the box for that service, in the “extra services” area of the order form.


If you have a Wyoming LLC,  you can operate your Corporation and live anywhere in the world; you do not have to be a US citizen to incorporate in Wyoming.  But, in order to give substance to your operation, you should know about our Office Service Contract and learn how the use of this inexpensive option will give “presence” to your remote corporate operations.  And, if you are not a US Citizen, we have a section for you to read LLC company for non-US residents.

No State Taxes

Among the many other advantages of incorporation here, there are no State taxes for Wyoming LLCs. If you choose to incorporate in Wyoming, your company may not pay State taxes at all.  Stop for a minute and think about what you paid last year in your state’s income tax.

If you are comparing Nevada and Wyoming LLCs, keep in mind that Nevada has a corporate gross receipts tax (no deductions allowed).  They also raised the yearly fee for a Nevada corporation by 150%!  Nevada has raised rates on corporations by about 400% in the last 9 years!  Don’t gamble on Nevada.

According to the new 2024 edition of the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index, “Wyoming has the most business-friendly tax system of any state,” for the 12th year in a row.

Easy to move your company to Wyoming

Wyoming has made it easy to move your existing corporation to Wyoming.  You can move it from any other state to Wyoming.  That service is detailed in our guide to moving your company or business to another state.

Special Easy-to-Use Wyoming Corporate Structures

Wyoming has Close Corporations.  These are special companies authorized by the Wyoming Legislature for small business owners. One advantage of these Wyoming corporations is that there is less paperwork required to keep them going.  Few states have them.  You can read about them here.

Wyoming now has Close LLCs.  Less paperwork.  Easier to manage.  This type of Wyoming LLC is perfect for a closely held family company.  You can see the details here.

Wyoming has Asset Protection Trusts. This is the best asset protection you can get inside the US. Find out the details on the benefits of a trust.

Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. has been in business in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 2003.  We provide full-time Resident Agent Services in the state of Wyoming. We specialize in helping you incorporate in “tax-free” Wyoming and have strategies that may help you lower your tax liability in your home state, increase your asset protection, and give you back your privacy. We think that you will find the information you need on this site to help you with your Wyoming LLC formation.