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This is the address that will be used on your annual report as the address of the company and will appear on the State's web site. Our address will be used if you have Public Record Nominee Service, any Privacy Package or any Mail Services. If you do not have these services you can use your address or you can pay for us to use our address. That service is called Public Address Service and is $100 per year or fill in the address that you want to use.

Annual Report

If it is time for the company to file its annual report with the state and you want us to file the report for you, please fill in the section below:

By checking the below box, you give us the right to file the company’s annual report with the State of Wyoming, on your behalf, using the information provided by you on this renewal form. You also verify that the information provided is true.

Has there been a change of officers in the past year? If so please list those changes.

If the company has any assets located inside the state of Wyoming, except for real estate, please list the total assets in the box below. If it has no assets located inside Wyoming please type zero.


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