Why Use A Wyoming Incorporation?

Why Use a Corporation or LLC

1. Asset Protection

Thousands of lawsuits are filed daily, many without any merit, filed by people looking for easy money. In our lawsuit-plagued world, using a corporation or an LLC to separate you personally from all of the potential liability in your business is almost a legal necessity. When you do business with the public or have employees, you open yourself up to the potential of lawsuits. The benefits of a properly run Wyoming LLC or corporation can save your assets and give you peace of mind.

2. More Deductions and Tax savings

There can be more tax deductions available to corporations, especially Wyoming Corporations, than to businesses that are not incorporated.  Talk to your accountant and see how a Wyoming company benefits your situation.

3. Estate planning

The late Sam Walton, of Wal-Mart store fame, placed his business assets in a closely held family corporation giving each one of his four children 20% of the stock. He and his wife together owned the remaining 20%. The family’s corporation became worth billions of dollars but, upon Mr. Walton’s death, there was no estate tax due! Why? Because the company was owned by his children and his wife. And, a surviving spouse does not pay taxes on the estate, so Mrs. Walton was also able to avoid paying estate taxes on her portion of the assets. This saved the Walton’s billions of dollars in taxes, all by using simple corporate tax strategies. The Walton’s net worth today is over 267 billion dollars, but without the advance estate planning that Sam Walton did, their net worth could very well be worth just a fraction of that.

It is very important to plan in advance so that your loved ones can avoid having to sell most of the estate’s assets to pay the taxes on it.

You can even buy aged shelf companies for sale with Wyoming Corporate Services.