Does your Wyoming company need a nominee?

Nominee Services

We do provide Wyoming company nominee services. Here are some of the types of nominee incorporation services we offer:

1. Public Record Nominee Director service.  This service provides a nominee for the public record only.  They then appoint you as the officer or manager of the company, so that you can operate the business.  This keeps your name off the public record for added privacy,  but we are required by state law to have your current contact information available for them if needed.

2. Attorney Privilege with Public Record. This package includes a nominee director who is hired through an Attorney. This gives you attorney-client privilege, an added level of privacy at a lower cost than a full package.

3. One-time signing of documents.  This can be done on a case-by-case basis and the service is provided by an attorney.  An example of this service would be the signing of real estate closings documents for your company. If you would like this nominee incorporation service please call us, it is not on the order form.

4. Full-time Attorney Privilege Services. There are varying degrees of privacy offered with this service. We can refer you to an attorney who will talk to you regarding the services they provide in this area. With the attorney in place, an attorney-client privilege relationship formed.