Transfer to Wyoming

Transfer to Wyoming

Tired of your state raising your fees, tripling what you used to pay, billing you for a business license that they said last year you did not have to pay, now billing you for two years and putting a late charge on top of it? What if you could move your company to another state?

If your company is current with the state it is in, we can re-domicile or file for a certificate of continuation (transfer) to move your company to Wyoming for, in some cases, less than what you are being charged this year for fees. And next year your Wyoming state fees, in most cases, will be $60! (You can move a company from any state or country).

Here are the details for moving your business or corporation to another state and starting a Wyoming corporation:

  • You can move any type of US company. An LLC, corporation, partnership, or public company to Wyoming. This is also called a Continuance.
  • Your company must be current with your state. The date for its renewal needs to be at least 2 to 4 weeks away from the time you give us the order, to transfer the corporation to Wyoming.
  • We will send you an electronic document to sign giving us the right to move the company. Then we will order a Certificate of Good Standing and Certified copies of the Articles from your state.  Once we have those in hand we will combine those with the paperwork for Wyoming and submit it.
  • About a week after that, we will send you a new corporate kit, if ordered. It will include 20 new share certificates, a new corporate seal, and suggested meetings.  We will also include the Articles of Dissolution that you must file with your current state.  You may have to pay them a fee to file this.
  • Once that is done you are done paying your state. Your company will show as dissolved in your state’s database.  In the Wyoming database, it will show that it was a company formed in your state on such and such a date, moved to Wyoming on the date it was recorded in Wyoming.

You will gain the following benefits with a Wyoming Corporation: 

  • Your yearly fee to the State of Wyoming will be $60, assuming that you have no assets located inside the state.
  • Your company could come under the best asset protection laws in the nation.
  • You will retain the original formation date of the company.
  • You will retain the same tax id number.
  • You will not have to move assets to a newly formed company, risking federal taxes.
  • You will get the benefit of dealing with a company that has been doing this for over 14 years.

Reasons to move out of Nevada

You now have to file a tax return with Nevada, even if you are under the gross receipts tax limit. This provides Nevada with inside information in regards to your company. When you relocate to Wyoming, this information will not be asked for.

Your minimum yearly State fee to Nevada for a corporation is at least $650. If you had a Wyoming corporation, in most cases this fee would be $60.

You may be required to list owners with Nevada. When moving to Wyoming, you are not asked for this information.

Reasons to move out of Delaware

Wyoming corporate law is clear in that Wyoming corporations may engage in stock buy-back programs without any restrictions.  The restrictions that apply to the payment of corporate dividends, in Delaware, are not included in the provision of Wyoming law that specifically authorizes stock buy-backs.  The legal certainty provided by Wyoming law on this point is a clear advantage over the present state of Delaware corporate and case law.  Additionally, there are substantial savings on state franchise tax.  We have had public companies save over $250,000 per year in-state fees, by re-domiciling to Wyoming.

The cost to re-domicile is $595 plus any fees that your current state charges for documents and filings.

If you are moving a business to another state, check with your attorney to see if your company is doing anything that would require it to be registered in the state you are moving from.

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