What is a Certificate of Continuation?:

•Continuation occurs when an out-of-state or out-of-country entity or business wishes to transfer its state or country of formation to Wyoming and become a Wyoming entity.

•Additional amendments to the entity may be filed within the continuation certificate document for no additional fee when moving a business to a new state.

•Corporations and LLCs are required to provide a copy of the company’s resolution authorizing the continuance.

•A copy of the Articles of Dissolution which you have yet to file in your home jurisdiction needs to be submitted with your continuance.

•Corporation, LLC and Statutory Trust continuance filings must be notarized.

•A duplicate business continuation certificate must be sent to the home state or country in which the entity was formed.

•After the continuance has been processed in Wyoming, you will need to submit Articles of Dissolution to the state or country of formation of record before continuing into Wyoming.

•Once the dissolution has been filed in the former domestic state, evidence of the dissolution, via a filed stamped copy, must be provided to Wyoming.

Wyoming Corporate Services Inc. provides these continuation services. We also provide redomestication services for companies located in the country but outside Wyoming. Contact us today to find out how we can help you move your company to Wyoming today.