Aged Shelf Companies

Minnesota Shelf Corporations and LLC’s

We have both shelf LLC’s and corporations in Minnesota.  They were all formed by us in 2007.  They have never done business and do not have tax id’s.

This is the largest selection of 2007 Minnesota shelf companies available anywhere.  (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

Name Cost Inc. Date
Successful Holdings, LLC $695.00 07/19
Realistic Investing, Inc. $695.00 07/19
Magic Marketing, Inc. $695.00 06/19
Urban Management, LLC $695.00 06/19
Dream Concepts, Inc. $695.00 05/19
Unlimited Technology, LLC $695.00 05/19
Wise Industries, LLC $695.00 04/19
ProActive Technology, Inc. $695.00 04/19
Masterpiece Industries LLC $4,495.00 12/07
Advanced Energy Tech LLC $6,595.00 09/07
Bittersweet Financial Corp. $6,595.00 09/07
21st Century Management Corp $6,395.00 08/07