Aged Shelf Companies

Delaware Companies Shelf Companies

These Delaware shelf companies come with Certified Articles of Incorporation, and Registered Agent Services through the renewal date of the company.  All state fees are paid and are current.  Certificates Of Good Standing from the State of Delaware will cost $100 extra.

(If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

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Name Cost Inc. Date
International Funding Advisors, LLC $1,845.00 11/21
Executive Equity Resources, LLC $1,845.00 11/21
Universal Marketing Solutions, Inc. $1,995.00 09/21
United Capital Consulting, LLC $2,045.00 09/21
AG Finance Services, LLC $2,145.00 07/21
Upfront Networking Specialists, Inc. $2,095.00 07/21
Platinum Funding Advisors, Inc. $2,295.00 05/21
Positive Financial Results, LLC $2,345.00 04/21
Venture Financial Holdings, LLC $2,345.00 03/21
Bitcoin Enterprises, LLC $2,345.00 03/21
Economic Consulting Group, LLC $3,245.00 10/20
Accurate Insights LLC $3,245.00 09/20
Jackson Developments LLC $3,245.00 09/20