Aged Shelf Companies

Hawaii Aged Shelf Companies

Hawaii is a state in which we have formed both aged shelf LLC’s and Hawaii corporations.

These are companies that we formed and put on the shelf. They come with Certificates Of Good Standing from Hawaii, Certified Articles of Incorporation, and 1 year of Registered Agent Services. All state fees are paid and have been kept current.

They do not have an EIN issued.  (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

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Name Cost Inc. Date
Applied Strategies, Inc. $995.00 10/20
True Vision Technologies, Inc. $995.00 10/20
Unlimited Resources, LLC $995.00 10/20
Arrow Financial, Inc. $995.00 10/20
Peak Logistics, LLC $995.00 10/20
Supreme Financial, LLC $1,295.00 06/20
Global Consulting, LLC $1,295.00 06/20
Equity Enterprises, Inc. $1,295.00 06/20
Digital Marketing Group, Inc. $2,695.00 08/19
Ideal Technologies, Inc. $2,695.00 07/19
Blast Industries, Inc. $2,695.00 06/19
Unique Solutions Inc. $3,895.00 12/07
Advanced Management Solutions Corp. $3,895.00 12/07
Preferred Solutions LLC $3,895.00 12/07
Sea Quest Ventures LLC $3,895.00 12/07