Aged Shelf Companies

Colorado Shelf Companies

This is a list of our Colorado aged shelf companies.  These companies were incorporated by us and put on the shelf.  Most are aged Colorado LLC’s.  They come with Certificates Of Good Standing from the State of Colorado, Certified Articles of Incorporation from the state, the corporate binder and one year of Registered Agent Services. The state fees have been paid every year when due.

The aged companies do not have an EIN issued to them.  (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

Name Cost Inc. Date
Inclusive Ventures LLC $695.00 06/20
Your Real Estate Solutions, LLC $695.00 06/20
Advanced Business Group, Inc. $695.00 06/20
Virtual Medical Services, Inc. $695.00 06/20
Medi Solutions LLC $695.00 06/20
Frontier Funding, Inc. $695.00 05/20
Virtual Management, LLC $695.00 05/20
International Capital Holdings, Inc. $995.00 11/19
Residential Property Investments, LLC $1,095.00 09/19
North Western Industries, Inc. $1,095.00 09/19
Applied Business Technologies, Inc. $1,095.00 09/19
Fab Creations, Inc. $1,595.00 02/19
Superior Concepts, LLC $1,595.00 02/19
Supreme Enterprises, Inc $1,595.00 02/19
Magnum Adventures, Inc. $1,595.00 02/19
Ace Imaging Services, LLC $2,795.00 04/08
Palimino Designs, LLC $2,795.00 04/08
Lightning Services LLC $2,795.00 03/08
Ace Enterprise Investments LLC $2,895.00 12/07
American Acquisitions Limited $2,895.00 12/07