Aged Shelf Companies

Missouri Shelf Companies

This list includes both Missouri Shelf LLC’s and Corporations.   Some were formed by us in 2007 and include one year of RA service.  All state fees have been kept current and the companies have never been used.

We think that this is the largest list of Missouri Shelf companies anywhere for the year of 2007.

(If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

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Name Cost Inc. Date
Animated Productions, LLC $1,095.00 08/20
Cyber Holding Group, LLC $1,095.00 08/20
Your Financial Solutions Inc. $1,095.00 08/20
American Financial Advisers, LLC $1,695.00 03/20
Corporate Asset Partners, Inc. $1,695.00 03/20
First Class Systems LLC $3,895.00 12/07
Corporate Management Advisors Corp. $3,895.00 12/07
Creative Control Systems Inc. $3,895.00 12/07
Huntington Marketing Group LLC $3,895.00 10/07
Little Valley Properties LLC Pending 09/07