Aged Shelf Companies

Nebraska Shelf Corporations

This list includes a Nebraska Shelf Corporation that we formed.  All the companies do not have tax numbers and have not done any business.  RA service is included for one year.  (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

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Name Cost Inc. Date
Supreme Technology Services, Inc. $1,595.00 07/21
Asset Consulting Advisors, LLC $1,595.00 07/21
Lincoln Equity Group, Inc. $1,695.00 06/21
Superior Digital Marketing, LLC $1,695.00 06/21
Octane Partners Inc. $1,795.00 05/21
Vital Opportunities, LLC $1,795.00 05/21
Maze Industries, LLC $1,795.00 05/21
Syndicate Associates, Inc. $1,795.00 05/21