Aged Shelf Companies

Indiana Shelf Corporation

We formed these LLC and corporations and put them on the shelf.  One year of Registered Agent Services is included. All state fees are paid and they have no EIN.  A corporate binder is also included in the price.  (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

Name Cost Inc. Date
Preferred Property Systems, LLC $695.00 06/20
BioMed Technology, Inc. $695.00 06/20
Global Asset Advisors, Inc. $695.00 05/20
Capital Consulting Group, LLC $695.00 05/20
Independent Marketing, LLC $995.00 11/19
All Star Investment Group, Inc. $995.00 11/19
American Business Holdings, Inc. $995.00 10/19
Century Technologies, Inc. $1,095.00 08/19
Upstream Investments, LLC $1,095.00 08/19
Established Marketing, LLC $1,295.00 06/19
Positive Holdings, LLC $1,295.00 06/19