Aged Shelf Companies

Arizona Shelf Companies

These Arizona shelf corporations and LLC’s are companies that we formed.  They come with Certificates Of Standing from the state of Arizona, Certified Articles from Arizona, and one year of Registered Agent Services or in Arizona, you can be your own registered agent if you live there.  All state fees have been paid through the renewal date of the company and have never been late.

These aged companies do not have an EIN issued yet. These are clean-shelf companies and as such have no history. (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

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Name Cost Inc. Date
Asset Specialists, Inc. $2,895.00 05/21
Asset Solution Group, LLC $2,895.00 05/21
Asher Financial Services, LLC $3,095.00 02/21
Virtual Financial Resources, LLC $3,295.00 10/20
Professional Holdings, Inc. $3,295.00 10/20
Capital Lending Group Inc. $3,295.00 10/20
Mutual Investing, LLC $3,295.00 10/20
World Energy Solutions Inc. $3,295.00 10/20
US Management Group LLC $3,295.00 10/20
Upscale Services Group LLC $3,295.00 10/20
South Central Marketing, LLC $3,395.00 09/20
Major League Services LLC $3,395.00 09/20
Better Path Investments, LLC $3,395.00 09/20
Your Technology Corporation $3,395.00 09/20
Top Valley Investments Inc. $3,395.00 09/20
Accurate Ventures Inc. $3,395.00 09/20
Grand Entertainment Production Corp. $3,395.00 09/20
Central Capital Group Inc. $3,395.00 09/20
National Venture Group LLC $3,495.00 08/20
Tactical Technologies LLC $3,495.00 08/20
Horizon Holding Group LLC $3,495.00 08/20
Modern Funding, Inc. $3,495.00 08/20
Upstart Holdings LLC $3,495.00 08/20
Financial Masters, Inc $3,495.00 08/20
Pioneer Funding Management, Inc. $3,495.00 08/20