Aged Shelf Companies

New York Aged Shelf Companies

We formed these New York aged shelf LLC’s and Corporations.  They have never been used and come with Corporate Binders and registered agent service thru their renewal dates.  The LLC’s have been published. (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

Name Cost Inc. Date
New York
Real Life Industries, LLC. $895.00 06/20
BioMed Group, Inc. $695.00 05/20
Funding Group of America, LLC $895.00 03/20
Global Energy Advisers, Inc. $695.00 03/20
Priority Investing, Inc. $795.00 02/20
United Mutual Funding, Inc. $795.00 02/20
Star Media Entertainment, LLC $895.00 02/20
Prime Asset Holdings, LLC $995.00 01/20
United Business Holding Group, Inc $1,095.00 12/19
International Energy Enterprises, Inc. $1,195.00 08/19
United Capital Holdings Group, Inc. $1,195.00 08/19
AeroTech Industries, Inc. $1,295.00 07/19