Privacy is not a dirty word, nor does it mean someone is trying to “hide” from authorities.  Even though some want us to think that every bit of information should be open to the public, this is not the case or the law.  Some people do not want everyone else to know what they own or every business transaction they make, and there is nothing wrong or illegal with that. From an asset protection standpoint, corporate privacy is a major part of the foundation of a good sound asset protection strategy.

Many people prefer to hold their assets in single-purpose entities to shield them from lawsuits and the prying eyes of the public or competitors.   It is a normal desire for these entities to be private and that is legal.

Wyoming corporate law allows privacy. Wyoming business privacy laws do not require that we list the member or manager of an LLC on the State records. However, we are required as Registered Agents to know who the person is behind an LLC and to provide this information to the State or Federal authorities if they request.  However, it is not public information that can be accessed by anyone via a web browser.


How we can help Wyoming LLC’s

If you file a company on your own, you must list the incorporator’s name and address on the initial paperwork filed with the State.  That information is available to the public.  This is one of the main reasons that people choose to utilize our services.  When we form your company, we are listed as the incorporators and Registered Agent so your name and information remain private.

If you purchase a shelf company from us, your name is not listed on the initial paperwork that was filed with the State, therefore you maintain your privacy.

When your Wyoming LLC annual report is due with the State, the person’s name that signs the report is public information.  If you use one of our privacy packages, we also file the annual report on your behalf.  This keeps your name off of the public record and allows you to maintain your privacy.  These packages also include our Public Record Address Service.  With this service, our address is listed as the principal mailing address on the State records and your address remains private.


How we can help on Wyoming Corporations

The same thing applies to corporations, as far as the initial filings.  If you utilize our service, your name will not appear on the formation documents.

However, it is different for a Wyoming corporation in regards to the listing of officers.  With a corporation, the State requires that (1) officer or director be listed on the public record.  If you do not want to be listed on the public record you would need to use our Public Record Director services.  This allows us to put a temporary director on the public record, which maintains your privacy.  The use of this service also allows us to file the annual report on your behalf, keeping your name private and off the public record.

We can provide many different types of mail forwarding services.  These services can also help with privacy.

We can also provide nominee services through an attorney.  The use of these services allows you to keep your name not only off the public record but also gives you the benefit of attorney-client privilege.  The attorney can also sign documents on your behalf for the Wyoming LLC or corporation, but he will not sign tax returns.  Keep in mind that this service is not meant for privacy from the IRS, as there is no privacy in that area.


A few notes

If you are looking to use a company to do something illegally or unethical, DO NOT USE OUR SERVICES.  We will not knowingly help someone form or use a company for any type of unethical or illegal purpose.  If we find out that you are using a company for such purposes, we will terminate our services immediately and will assist the authorities in any manner we possibly can.

A list of our packages and services can be found here.