Aged Shelf Companies

California Shelf Corporations

These companies do not have the state franchise tax paid.  You will owe the State of California $800 per calendar year the companies have been formed, except for the non-profit company which is current with the state.

These aged California shelf corporations come with Certificates Of Good Standing from the state, Certified Articles of Incorporation from the state, the corporate kit and  Registered Agent Services to the renewal date of the company.

The aged corporations do not have an EIN issued yet. These are clean shelf companies.  They have never been used and as such have no credit or assets.

Name Cost Inc. Date
California (Add Franchise tax to all California company pricing for each calendar year formed)
Dream It Concepts, Inc. $695.00 10/16
QNC Resources, Inc. $695.00 10/16
Long Standing, LLC $695.00 10/16
Just the FAQS, LLC $695.00 10/16
Vantage Holdings, LLC $695.00 09/16
Settlement Funding, LLC $695.00 09/16
BNK Management, Inc. $695.00 09/16
Airedale Resources, Inc $695.00 09/16
Mountainwest Finance, Inc. $695.00 08/16
The Consulting Pros, LLC $695.00 08/16
Aggressive Enterprises, LLC $695.00 08/16
Unlimited Resources, LLC $695.00 08/16
Alamo Funding Inc. $695.00 07/16
Virtual Motors Group $695.00 07/16
CBK Funding, LLC $695.00 07/16
Unlimited Sunshine Management, LLC $695.00 07/16
Direct Resource Consulting, LLC $695.00 07/16
Talon Opportunities, Inc. $695.00 07/16
Limitless Investments, Inc. $695.00 07/16
Mountain West Investments, LLC $895.00 02/16