Aged Shelf Companies

Florida Shelf Companies

Here is a list of the Florida shelf companies both LLC’s and corporations starting in 2007 that we currently have for sale.

They come with Certificates Of Good Standing from the State of Florida, Certified Articles of Incorporation from Florida, a corporate kit and Registered Agent Services through the renewal date of the company. All state fees are paid through the renewal date of the company.

The aged company does not have an tax ID issued. They have never been used and as such have no credit.

Name Cost Inc. Date
Timewize Holdings, LLC $695.00 02/17
Redefining Life, LLC $695.00 02/17
BTR Funding, LLC $695.00 12/16
MIT Ventures, LLC $695.00 12/16
Marvel Funding, LLC $695.00 11/16
Ride The Tide, LLC $695.00 11/16
Bermuda Capital LLC $695.00 11/16
Competitive Edge Concepts, LLC $695.00 11/16
Bright Future Ventures, LLC $695.00 11/16
Starcon Resources, LLC $695.00 11/16
Virtue Concepts, LLC $695.00 10/16
Begin Again Financial, LLC $695.00 10/16
Joint Services, LLC $695.00 09/16
Great Daze Ahead, LLC $795.00 08/16