Aged Shelf Companies

Arizona Shelf Companies

These Arizona shelf corporations and LLC’s are companies that we formed starting in 2008.  They come with Certificates Of Standing from the state of Arizona, Certified Articles from Arizona, a corporate kit and one year of Registered Agent Services or in Arizona you can be your own registered agent if you live there.  All state fees have been paid through the renewal date of the company and have never been late.

These aged companies do not have an EIN issued yet. These are clean shelf companies and as such have no history.

Name Cost Inc. Date
MIT Financial, LLC $645.00 02/17
Winning Ways, Inc. $645.00 02/17
DGH Capital, LLC $695.00 02/17
Watch Dog Ventures, Inc $645.00 01/17
International Options, LLC $695.00 12/16
Razor's Edge Consulting, LLC $695.00 11/16
Windmill Productions, LLC $695.00 11/16
BTW Capital, LLC $695.00 11/16
VT Technologies, LLC $795.00 08/16
Virtual Systems, LLC $795.00 08/16
Centurion Networking LLC $3,695.00 12/08
Amazing Marketing Services LLC $3,695.00 12/08
Simple Innovations LLC $3,695.00 12/08
Capital Edge Funding LLC $4,195.00 05/08
Top of the Line Developments, Inc. (was late in renewal one year, so discounted) $2,000.00 05/08
Concept Creations Corp. $4,395.00 03/08
2004 LLC for sale by client, not a shelf company $5,995.00 12/04