The true benefits of a Wisconsin Aged Shelf Corporation and LLC

The true benefits of a Wisconsin Aged Shelf Corporation and LLC

The true benefits of a Wisconsin Aged Shelf Corporation and LLC

Have you ever heard of a Wisconsin Aged Shelf Company but aren’t really sure what it is or how it could benefit you? Maybe you have researched them or even considered one but still don’t have a clear picture of their purpose. Here, we will explain the main benefits of a Wisconsin aged company, and even some of its disadvantages.

First, what is a Wisconsin Aged Shelf Company?

It is a legal entity that formed at a state level and left dormant to “age” for some time. A Wisconsin Aged Shelf Corporation or LLC should be a clean entity that does not have a history associated with it and does not carry any risks or liabilities from the previous owners or vendors. A truly clean Wisconsin Aged Shelf Company should not even have an EIN attached to it. These corporations and Wisconsin Shelf LLC’s have all of the same abilities as a newly formed entity, with some of the advantages of a seasoned company.

So, now that we know what a Wisconsin aged company is, let’s talk about its benefits. Aged Shelf Companies provide you with a level of convenience and perception. Because they have already been formed and maintained, the documents can be prepared and delivered in just a couple of hours, making it easier to plan for last-minute deals. This means that you can purchase a corporation or LLC, apply for the EIN and open the bank account all on the same day! In most cases, this process can take anywhere from days to weeks to accomplish when starting from scratch. And, depending on the age, they can provide the perception of longevity, giving your company credibility with potential vendors and clients.

Wisconsin Aged Shelf Companies are Ideal for:

  • Real Estate holdings
  • Asset Protection
  • Investors
  • Boosting ability with contract bidding and vendor agreements
  • Perception
  • Same-day delivery

Now that we know what they are and how they can be used, lets discuss some of the different types of vendors and the various services they can offer.

Some sellers offer true Wisconsin aged shelf companies, while others do not. The difference between the two can be huge and can really be the difference between initial failure and success. As we discussed, an aged corporation or LLC should not have any history associated with it, therefore should not carry any risk. Some vendors will sell a Wisconsin aged company with a history or the flagrant promise of credit. These Wisconsin businesses for sale are often time to good to be true and require time and money, and still fall short of the promises made. This is because promises are made before fully knowing the circumstances of the purchaser or because pertinent information was not disclosed by the vendor. What many people fail to realize is that if the company has any past debts or liabilities, you are now liable for them upon transfer of the company.

 *Do not be fooled by the promises of credit or funding*

Wisconsin Aged Shelf Companies do not serve as credit boosters or as vehicles for funding. As a matter of fact, all of the credit agencies and bureaus are notified when ownership is transferred and the financial institutes then consider the corporation or LLC a “new entity” for credit purposes. The truth that most vendors will not tell you is that there is no “quick fix” method that will secure your company with funding without your own legitimate business efforts.

Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. has been a reputable dealer of clean Aged Shelf Companies since 2003. Accredited by the BBB since 2005, and holds an A+ rating with zero complaints. This is because we provide exactly what you think you are purchasing. We don’t make big promises to loop you in and leave you stranded.  See our list of Wisconsin aged shelf LLC’s and corporations at: