Buy Trump’s Company

In an “article” published on Dec 15th, 2022, Kurt Eichenwald says that we sold a company to Donald Trump called NFT International LLC. If you look here 

and scroll down a bit to March 2021 you can see that company is still for sale. It has never been used and was not sold to Donald Trump.  In fact, it was formed well before any of the dates that Kurt Eichenwald refers to in his “article”.

You would think that Kurt Eichenwald would do a little bit better research before he publishes something that is so far in left field that it questions if he does any research at all on the things he publishes.

It is true that if you do not want to be listed on the public record, as an owner of a company, Wyoming does not require that.  So if you do not want your neighbors to know if you own a property, you can keep that to yourself.  It is getting hard to have your privacy anymore but Wyoming still allows that.

Here is a link to a real newspaper’s take on Kurt’s research:

Cheyenne Corporation Disputes Report That It Is Shell For Trump Superhero Cards – Cowboy State Daily