Aged Shelf Companies

South Dakota Aged Shelf Companies

South Dakota has no income taxes.  As such it is a good place for a holding company.  With this in mind we have a larger selection of South Dakota aged shelf corporations and LLC’s.

These have been formed by us, have no history nor EIN.

They come with certified docs, kit and registered agent service for one year.  (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

Name Cost Inc. Date
South Dakota
BMW Holdings, LLC $1,495.00 12/16
National Ventures, LLC $1,495.00 12/16
United Financial, Inc. $1,495.00 12/16
West Capital, LLC $1,495.00 12/16
Digital Energy, LLC $1,495.00 08/16
Sprinkfield Resources, LLC $1,495.00 08/16
Computech LLC $4,495.00 12/07
Facilitech LLC $4,495.00 12/07
Facilities Management LLC $4,495.00 12/07
Design Specialties LLC $4,495.00 12/07
Net-Tec LLC $4,495.00 12/07
Outsourcing Resources Inc. $4,495.00 12/07
Burrows Enterprises Inc. $5,495.00 10/07
Absolute Home Solutions LLC $6,195.00 09/07
Advanced Resources LLC $6,295.00 08/07