Aged Shelf Companies

New Mexico

We only have New Mexico Shelf LLC’s.  We have them from 2008 on.  They come with certified documents and registered agent service for one year.

A New Mexico LLC has privacy and is less money to maintain on a yearly basis.  All of these are companies we formed, have no tax numbers, and have not been used. (If you are looking for a larger choice in aged LLC or corporations look at our Wyoming Shelf company list here.)

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Name Cost Inc. Date
New Mexico
National Capital Investments, Inc. $1,095.00 12/21
Efficient Energy Resources, Inc. $1,095.00 12/21
United Equity Associates, LLC $1,195.00 11/21
Ultimate Financial Resources, LLC $1,195.00 11/21
Executive Consultants, LLC $1,395.00 08/21
Corporate Marketing Systems, Inc. $1,395.00 08/21
Classic Financial Partners, Inc. $1,395.00 08/21
International Service Group, LLC $1,395.00 08/21
Unlimited Funding Services, LLC $1,395.00 07/21
Omega Properties, LLC $1,595.00 05/21
Vital Prestige, LLC $1,595.00 05/21
Core Direct Inc. $1,595.00 05/21
Central Distributors, LLC $1,895.00 10/20
Information Industries, LLC $1,895.00 10/20
Santa Fe Business Technology, LLC $1,895.00 10/20
International Business Solutions, LLC $1,895.00 10/20
Century Pointe Holdings, LLC $1,895.00 10/20
Valued Funding, Inc. $2,195.00 06/20
Virtual Property Group, Inc. $2,195.00 06/20